Here are some ways that you can use the power of online communication to present the gospel in fresh, innovative and exciting ways.


Social media is a great way to communicate with your corps and community when you may not be able to gather in one place.


Create a Facebook group for your church or a public facing Facebook page to engage with your community. Use these to update people with key information, ask for prayer requests, encourage discussion and engagement.

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Online Groups

Run groups via Facebook. Maybe this is through video chats, messenger or just through a private Facebook group. Encourage people to read or watch something prior, and join in with discussion prompts.

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Use Facebook pages and groups to link to how you’re going to do church – whether this is tuning into our territorial livestreams or Salvation Online content, your own local livestream or to another church’s livestream.

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Livestream basics
Learn some basic principles and methods for live-streaming your services quickly and easily.


Some people may not have access to social media, so make sure you are reaching out in ways that mean everyone can receive information and feel connected. Phone and text are a great way to do this, especially for older people and other vulnerable members of our communities. These people may be feeling the most anxious and uncertain at the moment. Ask what they might need and how you could support them!


Create a bulk text message chain to update your people with key information as it comes about. This might include changes to service times and gatherings and centre hours, as well as how to connect for church online. ISG have suggested ways to do this through your Salvation Army account.

Group texts

Call people in your congregation and check in on them. This does not have to be from your corps officer/leader, encourage your congregation to be reaching out and checking in on each other!

Video Calls

Video calls are a great way to stay connect - have your team meetings, small groups or catch-ups via video call. Encourage your people to connect via video through Facebook Messenger, Facetime or Zoom. Zoom is free for up to 40minutes for 100 users.

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Your people may be used to receiving regular information from your setting via a printed newsletter. Now is the time to think about how you might be able to communicate key information, without needing to gather to receive it.


Consider creating an e-newsletter. There are some great platforms and models online to help you do this. Mail Chimp is a great tool. E-newsletters are great because the information is within the email body and doesn’t require people to click links or attachments.


Use your corps directory to contact people via email, either sending your e-newsletter or attaching a PDF of the printed newsletter you would usually produce.

Podcasting is a great way to connect with people in an extended format. Podcasting is its own art form, but can be an extremely effective way to reach new people.