Church All Week

More than a Sunday

While one of the key reasons people gather together each week for ‘church’ is about people coming together and encouraging each other in the faith, you can do this from home too!

Online Services on Demand

There are seven days in a week – make time and space for learning and developing your faith throughout the week! In this Territory we've experience some amazing times of gathering which live on through video and audio recordings.

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Salvation Army Streams

Johnsonville Salvation Army

Join The Salvation Army Johnsonville for "SAJ @ Home", an engaging and inspiring worship service led by the Johnsonville team.

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Westgate Salvation Army

Subscribe to The Westgate Podcast and listen to discussions on life, Scripture, worship and Christianity from the team at The Salvation Army, Westgate.

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Hamilton City Salvation Army

Join Hamilton City as they bring you "virtual church" - an expression of Hamilton City filled with dynamic and relevant teaching and worship.

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East City Salvation Army

Check out East City Salvation Army's exciting range of online content, and connect with them through their social media channels!

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Invercargill Salvation Army

Join The Salvation Army Invercargill for church online each Sunday with worship, scripture, prayer and teaching via their Facebook page.

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Hibiscus Coast Salvation Army

Join Hibiscus Coast each Sunday for online church. Join the chat, and be led in worship and teaching from the team at Hibiscus Coast.

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Other Church Streams

A lot of churches around the world offer online services and video content each week. Often these are streamed live (check timezones etc.) while some have a catalogue of videos to watch.

Here are some other options for church services online you may find helpful

Hillsong Church

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Church Unlimited

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Church isn't just for Sundays! It's a rhythm that we can incorporate into our lives every day of the week. We invite you to join us for church all week, as we continue to do life together. You'll find ways to do RHYTHMS in your own context right here!

Bible Study and Discussion

While you may not be able to get together at the moment, you can still follow a Bible study with your small group online! Find a resource, share it with a group of people and each commit to watching/reading each week and sharing together. You might want to set up a message chain or Facebook group, or another form of online discussion.

We suggest signing up for RightNow Media (it is completely FREE) and utilising the extensive range of resources available on this platform!

Women's Ministries Resources

Women's Ministries have a range of resources to help you get into 'church' all week.

The Simple Solo Services are short, simple ideas for connecting with God, based around what Jesus says is most important: to love God, love others and love yourself.

Sealed: An Easter Devotion is a 6 part Bible study series looking at what was sealed and established in Jesus' journey to the cross, through his death and resurrection and into eternity.

Check out both resources, and the other resources available, via the links below.