Choose Jesus

Starting the journey as a new Christian.

Wow, congratulations on choosing to follow Jesus! This is the best decision you could make for your life. Here are some steps to help you get started.

Saying Yes!

What an incredible decision you have made to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour. This is the start of an exciting journey with God that will be so rewarding and fulfilling. It also means you have changed your eternal destiny – there is much to celebrate!

When you accepted Jesus Christ into your life, you acknowledged you had been living apart from God and that you needed a saviour - Jesus. Being a Christian means turning away from your old way of living, and following the truths of the Bible and Jesus’ example.

Whether you’ve received Jesus Christ for the first time or have rededicated your life back to Him, there are some simple next steps to help you on the journey.

1. Read the Bible

The Bible is a collection of sacred texts or scriptures that are considered to be inspired by God. It’s filled with true stories about God and his relationship with humans that still provide insight for us today.

Start by choosing a passage to read. You might want to use a devotional booklet or website, or choose your own (the book of Mark is a great place to start). For more info about reading the Bible, see Bible Gateway in the link below.

Read the passage and study what it might mean for you. A great way to unpack a passage is through the SOAP formula.

S. Scripture: Read scriptures from the Bible. Ask Jesus to speak to you through what you read.
O. Observations: Write down what you observe from the passage. What stood out to you?
A. Application: Figure out how you could apply this passage to your life. What is God saying to you? What does this mean for your life?
P. Pray: Pray that what you have read and learnt stays with you and makes a difference in your life.

Read the Bible Here
2. Pray

Prayer is communicating with God. It’s a conversation, which means we both speak to Him and listen to Him.

You can pray anytime, anywhere. God loves when we spend time with him – thank him for his blessing in your life, share your concerns and worries, ask for forgiveness for things you may or may not have done, and simply spend time with him.

Learn more about prayer
3. Get Connected

It’s really helpful to be part of a local church. Being part of a community of people helps encourage you, keep you accountable, learn and discover more about God and your faith, and gives you a place to belong and serve.

The Salvation Army is a Christian church. Its mission is based on the Bible, and is all about loving God and loving others. The Salvation Army is welcome to all people and offers a place for all people to belong!

Connect with your local Salvation Army, get connected with other people like you and journey with others that will support and encourage you.

Please email [email protected] if you need help getting in touch with your local Salvation Army.

Learn more about church
4. Share Your Story

When something exciting happens, we often can’t help but share this with others! Your faith story is the same. Sharing your faith story is an important part of your journey. Share with others what has happened for you and what Jesus has done in your life.

Find a mentor (someone further on in their faith journey) to share life with – a mentor will help encourage you and give guidance when needed.

Join a small group (a group of people that meet regularly to talk about life and faith, and read the Bible and pray together). Continue sharing your faith story with them.

Sharing your story is more than just speaking about what’s happened – your life should reflect the change and difference Jesus has made in you!

If you're not sure who to share this exciting news with yet, let us know - please email [email protected] - we'd love to connect with you!

Be Encouraged!

Being a Christian isn't always easy. Be encouraged you're not on the journey alone - when you become a Christian, the Holy Spirit enters your life and will always be with you! Plus, there is a huge community of Christ followers all over the world that you are now a part of!

Please get in touch with your local Salvation Army centre for more information or email [email protected] - we'd love to hear from you!