The Lord is My Shepherd

Colonel Heather Rodwell   -  

Reading: Psalm 23

The familiarity of this Psalm can mean that we think we know it, but don’t ‘know’ it. If we are blessed to have had faith in God for much of our lifetime, we will know that the Lord is our shepherd, and yet not be shepherded by Him.

It was the role of shepherds to be present and alert, constantly for their sheep. It was their task to lead their flock to safe and nourishing places which would see the sheep thrive. The shepherd was the constant companion. So the images expressed in this psalm continue to be a source of comfort and assurance for many people at times of when calamity hits. It has been sung at both weddings and funerals.

Our lives are a collage of times of stability and times of uncertainty. These are days of uncertainty as around the globe stringent efforts are taken because of the pandemic. This is when knowing that the Lord is our Shepherd will be a source of comfort and strength in whom we can trust.


Prayer and Response:

  • ‘The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing’ (verse 1) – repeat this phrase to yourself three times slowly.
  • If you have material, practical or emotional needs right now, ask God for wisdom and provision.
  • Write out a phrase from Psalm 23 that got your attention today, and place is on the fridge or somewhere where you will see it often.