Salvation Online is the New Zealand, Fiji, Tonga and Samoa Territory's online worship expression - a reimagining of what a Corps looks like. Join us every Sunday at 10am as we explore the gospel and gather as a connected, unified church community - wherever we are.
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Ideas for Church in this Season


Salvation Online is a place where people can connect and grow in their faith journeys, wherever you are in your journey.

Ways to Connect


Salvation Online is designed to provide tools and resources to explore and communicate the gospel effectively to the world.

Ways to Communicate

Children and Families

Hey kids and families! Talking about faith, exploring the Bible and learning about God can be a whole lot of fun. Why not get some tasty snacks, get comfy on your fave couch or beanbag and watch a video together!

Church All Week

While one of the key reasons people gather together each week for ‘church’ is about people coming together and encouraging each other in the faith, you can do this from home too!

Plus, life is much more than just a single gathering each week – there are seven days in a week – make time and space for learning and developing your faith throughout the week!